What is a doula?

Tessa and Sara are training as student midwives and have a long and deep practice of full spectrum reproductive care work.  They provide physical, mental and emotional support to people during many different kinds of reproductive experiences.  They have supported people through birth, abortion, miscarriage and IUD placement.  Within their community they are consulted by friends and family for information about reproductive health and referrals to trusted care providers.  

In their birth doula practice they meet with families during their pregnancy to share information about nutrition during pregnancy, cultivate self care tools and birth education and preparation. They provide physical support during the labor and birth.  They follow up with post-partum care, including breastfeeding support, food preparation and to share in the joyful welcoming of new life!

Tessa and Sara both hail from the East Coast (Philadelphia and New Jersey, respectfully).  They met providing doula support and reproductive health education in San Francisco's women's jail.  They have found support and guidance through their work together and though they have been separated by their midwifery studies, they still rely on each other to  provide grounded advice and support.