What is a doula?

Tessa and Sara are both student midwives with a long history of full spectrum doula work.  They provide physical, mental and emotional support to people during many different kinds of reproductive experiences.  They have supported people through birth, abortion, miscarriage, IUD placement and the early days of parenting.  Within their community they are consulted by friends and family for information about reproductive health and referrals to trusted care providers.  

In their birth doula practice they meet with families during their pregnancy to share information about nutrition during pregnancy, cultivate self care tools and birth education and preparation. They provide physical support during the labor and birth.  They know that the support families need doesn't end with the birth and also offer postpartum care including breastfeeding support, food preparation and to share in the joyful welcoming of new life!

Birth and Post-partum Services

We feel honored to support birthing people and families in ways that meet their unique needs and desires. Please contact us with any questions regarding services, packages, etc.

Complete Birth Package Includes

Three prenatal visits

birth preparation and education (creating a birth plan, deciding where/how to birth)

tools for establishing self-care

comforting and grounding techniques including bodywork, art and ritual

tools for maintaining connected partnership

referring to our network of trusted care providers

establishing post-partum plan, networks of support, cuarentena preparation

On call for two weeks pre and post estimated due date

24 hour phone support

intergrated support during labor and birth

care during immediate post-partum transition

One post-partum visit

lactation support

baby and family bonding

emotional and phsyical care

recounting of the birth story

Prenatal Package

Appropriate for people wishing to enrich their primary pregnancy care with the emotional and spiritual support a doula can provide. Also appropriate for families wishing for knowledgable input to help envision and plan their birth. Includes three prenatal visits, with care listed above.

Post-Partum Package

Support of families and individuals transitioning into life with their amazing newborn(s!) Includes lactation support, baby and family bonding, emotional and physical care, integrating and processing experience of birth, tools for physical healing after-birth and maintaining network of post-partum care.